Sunshine and Grassy Fields

28 Jan

Strong. Confident. Sexy.

She has a style all her own. She knows what she wants, and more importantly, she knows what she doesn’t want.

That’s Dawn through and through and we love her for it.

Glamour Portrait

Nature runs through her veins and so sunshine, fields and bare feet became the theme of her photo shoot. She loves old barns and so we found a shoot location that had both.

glamour photography

It was the perfect spot. A little farm where the branches on the trees are long and gnarled, and cows and horses roam free. A place where the grassy fields stretch out for miles and, at sunset, they glow. A place to rest your heart and renew your soul.

Dawn3 IMG_2029 Dawn 6Photo shoot in the country_ania photo

Thanks Dawn for the opportunity to work with you. It was a lot of fun!

Until next time,


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