Taking Center Stage

10 Feb

She’s the girl next door, and the spit fire you don’t want to mess with. She has a smile, that lights up any room, and she is the sweetest soul you’ll ever meet.

Her name is Amberly and she is one of our dearest friends.

Ania Photo 2

We met her and her husband Chris back in 2005 when they were engaged to be married (they were also, one of our first weddings).

Man time flies, doesn’t it?

Almost 10 years later, and they have two beautiful daughters, Alex and Bradley Jane.

It was fun to have them back.

photographer in madison in 2

This wasn’t a typical family photo shoot. Instead of gathering everyone together, we decided to shoot Amberly on her own first.

We want more Mom’s to see themselves center stage. To take some time out for themselves. Because sometimes in a busy day (or month) that can fall to the way side.

We kept things simple for the shoot. Because we knew that Chris had the kids and kids just don’t give you that much time to work,lol. So we kept things around their house.

photographer in madison in

Kudos to Amberly for stepping in front of the camera just a few months after having her second baby.

That transition period after baby is not for the faint of heart (we’re Mom’s too, we know).

We say, shine Mom’s, don’t hide.

Celebrate. You created something amazing.

Now, I know I did just say this was a family shoot, but those images will come in another post (just too many photos to show in one post ;))

Until next time,


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